Why Organic?

Health starts with healthy soil. At Sunshine Permaculture, our priority is to build rich soil using regenerative farming practices. Rich soil produces nutritious food that nourishes our bodies and minds. Not only is it good for us, but it is also better for the future of our planet.


Better For You

We grow organic produce in rhythm with the seasons of Northern Thailand. Here’s how eating seasonal organic produce can benefit you:
Your food is free from chemicals & pesticides. We do not use any inorganic fertilizers or chemicals in the growing process.
Eating seasonal produce means eating what grows best a certain times of the year as nature intended. ​
The produce is nutrient dense and packed with necessary vitamins, minerals, anti-oxidants, and micronutrients. ​
Reduces your exposure to GMOs​
They are super fresh and taste delicious!​

Our approach.

Luxe, lightweight, and made with the perfect blend of cashmere and cotton, our Sonoma Pillows and Throws are inspired by the basics we turn to season after season. Get to know the cozy essentials that will elevate your space in an instant.


We are proudly Australian.


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Look great ! Feel even better.

A lot of so-called stretch denim pants out there are just glorified sweatpants – they get baggy and lose their shape. Not cool. Our tightly knitted fabric holds its form after repeated wear. Plus, Aldays dress up or down, no prob. So you can wear them all day. Get it?
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