Wholesale & Grow to Order

We offer a range of fresh, organic produce available for purchase in bulk quantities at wholesale prices. With convenient online ordering and flexible delivery options, we make it easy to access the freshest, healthiest produce available.


As a wholesale customer, we’re able to provide you with flexible shipping and payment options. We can work with you to create a seasonal order list and provide you with more details about our yearly crop calendar. You can order through a wholesale portal or through Whatsapp or LINE.

Reach out to us through email ([email protected]) or through Whatsapp (+662 460 9365)

Grow to Order

We are able to grow to meet your demand for different vegetables at a pre-determined price. If you’re looking for unique crops, such as baby zucchini, mustards, or certain types of herbs, we’re able to assist in growing them for you. We can scale the quantity depending on how much you need.

We customize each bed to fit the biology & nutrients needed by a crop so we’re able to tailor each plant depending on your needs.

Reach out to us through email ([email protected]) or through Whatsapp (+662 460 9365)


Our farm is in Chiang Mai where the seasons change three times a year: summer season, rainy season, and winter season. Each season brings different crops it can grow. The highest variety is available from November to March. 

To check our crop calendar use this link.

There are some crops that grow off season. They just grow slower or are quicker to flower. 

We can work with you to define a minimum order depending on where you are in Thailand. Usually, our wholesale orders are over 4,000 baht per week.

We usually ship every Monday morning. Depending on the quantity, we are able to offer flexible shipping. For large orders, we’re also able to deliver directly with a cold truck.